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Create a Jewish Legacy: Book of Life

Dor l’dor - From Generation to Generation


Your commitment to the Jewish community is evident in everything you do.

  ~ the responsibility you impart

   ~ the leadership roles you take

          ~ the values you teach and practice

Now you can extend your commitment. 

Make a connection to the future.


Your legacy secures the future of our community to:


~ educate our children

~ care for our elderly

~ feed the hungry

~ strengthen Jewish identity

~ preserve our culture and heritage

~ support our synagogues

~ protect and strengthen the State of Israel

~ make a difference in the lives of future Jewish generations


Go forth and be a blessing (Genesis).

How to Leave a Legacy


The Foundation offers flexible vehicles to meet your charitable objectives, accommodating individuals of modest means as well as those with substantial wealth. Every gift is one of consequence to the Jewish people.


Call Frandee Woolf at (336) 852-1123 for information on making a gift of consequence.

These are some questions to consider when submitting your story:


- Was tzedakah a part of your childhood? If so, in what way?

- Were there special circumstances or a significant life experience that led you to create a legacy for the Jewish community?

- What ideas about tzedakah would you like your children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren to embody?

- What are your dreams for the future of the Jewish community?

- How do you think your legacy will make these dreams a reality?

- How does your legacy to the Jewish community express your commitment to the Jewish tradition and the Jewish people?

From a series of heartfelt and soul-searching interviews with people you know and admire, the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro brings you a collection of stories that we hope will interest, enlighten you, and inspire you.


Create a Jewish Legacy and the Book of Life are works in progress. Many of those who have created legacies have not told their stories. Many in our community have yet to create their legacies. We encourage all of you who have your own impactful and personal Jewish evolution to step forward and let us include your story.


Please contact Frandee Woolf to share your story with us at (336) 852-1123.

Judith and David Altman

Arlene and Alan Bardy

Peggy and Nat Bernstein

Nancy and Frank Brenner

Marilyn Forman Chandler

Rene and Tom Cone

Rachel Darrow

Sherry Dickstein and Kurt Lauenstein

Ronnie Grabon

Nancy and Bernard z"l Gutterman

Nancy and Rabbi Fred Guttman

Tobee z"l and Leonard z"l Kaplan

David Kaplan

Scott Kaplan

Cathy and Henry z"l Levinson

Joel and Simone Liebling

Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan

Wendy and David Massey