This holiday season, we remember the stories of our people.

This holiday season, we remember the stories of our people. 

Share your story… Create your legacy.

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Judith Abraham, z”l

 James and Ellen, z”l Adelman

David and Judith Altman

Anonymous 5 Fund

Alan and Arlene Bardy

Mike and Sylvia Berkelhammer

Nat and Peggy Bernstein

Arthur, z”l and Joanne Bluethenthal

Steve and Fran Bombart

 Frank and Nancy Brenner

Irene Cohen

Harvey Colchamiro

 Tom and Rene Cone

Kurt Lauenstein and Sherry Dickstein

Rachel Darrow

Jeri D’Lugin

Gary and Ellen Fischer   

Dick, z”l and Barbara, z”l Forman

David and Susan Gutterman

Rabbi Fred and Nancy Guttman

Dianne Hines

                    George, z”l and Muriel Hoff                  

Melvin, z”l and Charlotte, z”l Hurwitz

Phyllis Jerome

Leonard, z”l and Tobee, z”l Kaplan

Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning

            Gene and Gail LeBauer                   

Sam and Joan LeBauer

 Joe LeBauer

 Joslin LeBauer

Mimi Levin

Henry, z”l and Cathy Levinson

 Joel and Simone Liebling

 David and Wendy Massey

 Debby Miller

Ron and Victoria Milstein

David and Bunny Moff

Susan Nehmen

Jerry and Susan Pinsker

Carol Rauch

Freddy and Susan Robinson

 Harry, z”l and Joan Samet

Lenny and Ellen Samet

Norman and Sylvia Samet

                  Paul and Sara Lee Saperstein                 

Jerry and Linda Shapiro

Phyllis Shavitz

Bob and Joyce Shuman

Janie Silvers

Tom and Linda Sloan

Alina Spaulding

Ken and Patti Stiles

Polly Strasser

Sig and Ellen Tannenbaum

Frank, z”l and Shelly Weiner

Richard and Roz Weintraub

Eugene, z”l and Barbara, z”l Weisberger

Liz Winter-Cohen


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