What We Do


  • Advise potential Donors
  • Provide standard documents and guidelines for fund agreements and legacy commitments
  • Track legacy commitments: bequests, trusts, insurance
  • Tribute gifts: recorded and cards mailed
  • Work with Affiliate endowment development committee or assist with creating one
  • Facilitate Create a Jewish Legacy initiative
  • Develop legacy commitments
  • Organizational objectives: Endowing programs such as Jewish Camp, Educational programming
  • Ensure the continued growth and continuity of a specific program
  • Perpetuate the Donor’s family name on a specific project


  • Jewish Foundation establishes and monitors its Investment Policy
  • Assets professionally managed by MV Financial
  • Separation of custodian of assets from investment management
  • Monitor Investments by Jewish Foundation of Greensboro Investment Committee
  • Quarterly report from Investment Advisor
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Commingled investment pool
  • Diversified asset allocation
  • Economy of scale: administration of funds and more diversified investments
  • Extensive research of investment options 


  • Regular visits and presentations
  • Quarterly report issued to Donors who have established funds
  • Individual holiday greetings to endowment Donors
  • Counsel individual Donors regarding their funds
  • Formal tax acknowledgment letter for contributions provided
  • Compile Book of Life Donor stories
  • Invitation to all Foundation events


  • Consult with Affiliate on fund availability/cash flow from individual funds
  • Advise Foundation Donor Advised Fund holders for Affiliate gifts
  • Assist Affiliate on administration of special programming funds (scholarships, grants, etc.)


  • Inclusion in Foundation marketing materials, e.g., annual report, letters, articles, donor education pieces
  • Articles for Affiliate emails and publications provided
  • Provide endowment marketing materials and ads
  • Available for presentations to Affiliate Board, committees, parlor meetings
  • Work with Affiliates on marketing letters to their Board and other prospects


  • Professional fund accounting by PNC Bank
  • Foundation can serve as Trustee
  • PNC Trust department manages payments to Trust beneficiaries and files Trust tax return
  • Reports for Affiliate with separate accounting for each individual Affiliate fund, including market value, running total of all contributions, grants, expenses, income/dividends and gain/loss
  • Acceptance and documentation for stock gifts
  • List of individual Donor contributions
  • Each fund is classified by the Donor as a temporary or permanent fund in accordance with accounting guidelines
  • Monitor and implement new and current legal and accounting regulations which apply to funds. Monitor all changes and implement any new procedures
  • Recommend annual payout for endowment funds and calculate the 12-quarter average
  • Monitor use of funds in accordance with accounting and legal guidelines
  • Online Affiliate access to fund activity through DonorCentral
  • Year-end Donor gift receipts in compliance with IRS regulations
  • Yearly filing of Foundation IRS Form 990
  • Annual Audit with Independent Auditors
  • Work with Affiliate Auditors