Jewish Foundation of Greensboro

The Jewish Foundation of Greensboro was established to create permanent endowments to ensure the viability of Jewish community life and education for generations to come.


Whether your goals include making a difference in the world, reducing your taxes or benefiting from an increased income stream, The Jewish Foundation of Greensboro is ready to work with you, your family, and your professional advisors to meet your objectives. No matter how or what you choose to give, you will fulfill a mitzvah and support vital programs that bring help and hope to people in need.


You can support a variety of needs in our Jewish community. Your legacy gift can feed the hungry, care for vulnerable elderly Jews, educate children or fulfill the vision you have for a better tomorrow for our people. Legacy gifts remain for all time, ensuring that your hopes and dreams for the Jewish people endure for generations to come. Whether you wish to inspire and strengthen Jewish identity, safeguard our people or encourage the next generation to embrace their rich Jewish heritage in new and innovative ways - or all of the above - we can help make it all possible.


We are always here to offer our best advice and assist with the management of your philanthropy. You may wish to establish your personal legacy or inspire next generation giving. All philanthropic decisions are up to you. This is your legacy. We're here to help you and your family create and sustain it.

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The JEWISH WOMEN’S GIVING CIRCLE distributes grants to nonprofit organizations in Greensboro and Israel, and to Jewish women in need across the world, fulfilling our mission of tzedakah (philanthropic giving) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).


    The mission of the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle (JWGC) is to educate and empower women as philanthropists, funders, and decision makers. Guided by Jewish values, it seeks to improve the lives of women and children in the Greensboro community and in Israel.. Each year JWGC will distribute grants to nonprofit organizations in Greensboro and Israel, and to Jewish women in need across the world, that help fulfill our mission of tzedakah (philanthropic giving) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Donations to the ISRAEL EMERGENCY FUND may be processed directly from your DONOR ADVISED FUND.

Submit your request through Donor Central, specifying the donation to Greensboro Jewish Federation, designated for the Israel Emergency Relief Fund.

If you need assistance please email Maryann Kingsmill.

  • There is urgent demand for foods that treat invisible conditions like food allergy and celiac disease. Carolina FOODiversity collaborates with food pantries and shelters to feed children, parents, and other adults at the formidable intersection of food insecurity and special dietary needs.


    Women of the Shoah – Jewish Placemaking is organizing the community, business leaders and holocaust survivors to build a monument and create special public space, to educate and transform the viewer’s perspective on the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, racism and all genocide of women and children. A donation to this fund helps our community honor and learn from the plight of the women and children who perished in the Holocaust (Shoah).


    Danville, Virginia

    Help Honor Those Who Came Before Us. Your generosity and support will make a world of difference in preserving the heritage of the Danville Jewish Community. Together, we can ensure that the Aetz Chayim Cemetery remains a place of reverence, respect, and remembrance for generations to come.

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